Uncompromising nutrition, created with children in mind.

Helping you and your family make simple changes for a plant forward diet.

Harnessing the power of plants

Step into a world where the incredible power of plants takes centre stage. Our world is teeming with an astonishing array of edible plants, yet only a fraction of them have been explored for their nutritional benefits.

Empowering healthier choices

We are a team of experts from the world of plant-based nutrition, oh and we are also parents. We often felt frustrated with the lack of options for families and children who want to enjoy a flexitarian, vegan or vegetarian lifestyle without compromise.

Starting with alternatives to dairy, we are unlocking the secrets of these neglected plants, unveiling novel ingredients that will revolutionise the way we nourish our little ones.

The ultimate dairy alternative

Our mission is to empower families transition to the very best plant-forward diet. We believe that developing sustainable and delicious plant-based alternatives can help to reduce childhood obesity and also promote growth and development.

Leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence

POTINA PLANT BASED NUTRITION will spearhead the identification of innovative plant-based ingredients for alternative dairy production; shedding light on over 50,000 edible plants currently overlooked as potential food ingredients. 

Pioneering research for innovative products

Our collaboration with researchers is aimed at driving evidence-based insights in the field of plant-based nutrition, enabling us to create innovative products for children's well-being. Our key areas of focus include discovering new sources of protein and fibre; through exploring nutrient-dense plants whilst adhering to clean label principles, and developing dairy alternatives that are safe for those with allergies.

Your child's well-being is of paramount importance

We take inspiration from the Roman Goddess Potina; known for safeguarding children and ensuring their first drinks were healthy and nourishing. We share her passion and dedication, and have created our range of formulas that will provide your child with the essential nutrients needed for growth and development.

With POTINA, you have the support and peace of mind you need throughout their development journey.

Unveiling our innovation

We believe that it takes time to develop truly outstanding products, and as such, we are focused on carefully researching and testing our launch innovation to ensure that it meets our high standards. Once we are confident in the quality and impact of our products, we will unveil our vision for the future and how we plan to continue driving positive change in the world. 

Our commitment to positive impact

POTINA PLANT BASED NUTRITION is proud to be B-corp pending, demonstrating our dedication to creating a positive impact on society and the environment. Our commitment to sustainability, health, and the well-being of children sets us apart as we empower families with nutritious plant-based alternatives.

Join us in our mission to create a healthier and more sustainable future for all